31 days of armpit growth

part of www.armpitsforaugust.com photographing everyday of armpit hair growth for a month.

Anonymous asked: I love ur armpit hair, ripe for the licking... :P

Ok…. Strange.

spanmale asked: I love your naturally... thanks for exists

Thank you

Anonymous asked: Nice


Anonymous asked: If you've kept your pits unshaven, would you mind posting a pic or two of them?

I have. But no. I’m creeped out by this.

Anonymous asked: Are you growing it out again for Armpits 4 August?

Yes I did! And I’ve kept it!

Anonymous asked: Hey, I really appreciate, that you grow your armpit hair and also going with a strapless dress to a wedding. I am a male and I really like female body hair, because it is so natural.


Anonymous asked: Did u naturally grow it/groom it? Or did u use some kind of lotion/pill etc.?

Ummm not sure of any lotion. Just the good old natural way!

Is anyone still following this?

I will be resurrecting it for this years Armpits4August campaign!

Anonymous asked: I was really impressed (as a male) at your 'courage' in allowing (yes, allowing) yourself underarm hair. It is, obviously, natural and yes, as with all aprts of the body, been fetishized (not that this is a bad thing). I am very fond of female undeeram hair. They are about as commonly seen as a garden mole!! It is the 'norm' for women (and now men!) to pursue an entire depiiatory 'regime'. I am not at all surprised your mother said 'yuck'. By the way, how is your pubic hair?!


steadyrollinwoman-deactivated20 asked: I love what you're doing here! Also, I too have PCOS, and I know how much of a struggle it is. Good on you, sister! xo

Aww thank you! Join us next year? X